Photocatalytic purification of pesticide contaminated water from viticulture

In the entire Trinationalen Metropolregion Oberrhein (TMO), plant protection products (PPPs) are used to protect viticulture yield from local pest. Thus, the cleaning of agricultural machines but also runoff events in the field lead to ecotoxicological relevant PPP concentrations in surface water bodies. This significantly lowers the surface water quality in the entire TMO, threatening aquatic ecosystems and consequently contradicting main objectives of the European water framework directive (EU-WRRL). Currently applied methods to reduce such PPP concentrations are ecologically and economically inefficient. Therefore, the PHOTOPUR consortium aims at developing a photocatalytic application/tool, which eliminates PPP contamination already at its place of origin, increasing the water quality in the TMO and contributing to fulfill the EU-WRRL goals. Therefore, the project course follows a step wise approach including i) the selection of representative PPPs ii) the identification of PPP hotspots in the TMO, iii) the evaluation of the most efficient photocatalytic-tool to eliminate the chosen PPPs by using a photovoltaic energy source. Based on these information, prototypes will be developed and installed at different sites in the TMO to increase the overall water quality. Additionally a “viticulture verte” eco-Label will be established aiming at certifying the right use of the tool for potential users in the TMO, allowing them to communicate their eco-friendly land use to the public.