Prleminary result

As part of our 4th Photopur project meeting at the Institute of Energy Systems Technology (INES) at the Offenburg University of Applied Science, the partners of the CNRS / ICPPS, the IUW, the DLR RP and finally the INES presented their current progress in the project.


 functional pattern of the reactor prototype

Figure 1: Jesus da Costa (INES) presents the functional pattern of the reactor prototype to the other PHOTOPUR partners. Picture: F. Seitz

Among other, an appropriate photocatalyst has been identified based on chemical and biological studies (CNRS & DLR RP and IUW) . Thus, a suitable carrier medium can be identified now which is intended to fix the catalyst in the reactor in order to avoid a loss of material. Therefore, again chemical and biological investigations will be carried out at the CNRS (& DLR RP) and IUW in the coming months.

Meanwhile, a functional model, based on a basic reactor concept, was developed and assembled at the INES (Figure 1). It is an automated system for wastewater circulation and treatment with interfaces for the reactor core (photocatalyst and UV light source) and potential upstream filters.

With the project results and progress achieved so far, the PHOTOPUR consortium is well on schedule. Pending tasks deal with the design of the reactor core in order to achieve the most efficient possible removal of plant protection products (-residues) in washing- and wastewater.