Increase of water quality

The photocatalytic purification of the water polluted with pesticides is intended primarily to increase water quality in the Trinitarian Metropolitan Region of Upper Rhine and beyond in order to achieve the objectives of the European Water Framework Directive in the future. Such an increase in water quality also favors biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems and ultimately benefits people living in the area.

Benefits for winegrowers

In addition to this primary benefit, there are also indirect advantages for winegrowers in the TMO. On the one hand, they can use the photocatalytic process to clean their crop protection machines on their own farm, in a cost-efficient, time-saving and environmentally-friendly way. On the other hand, an eco-label will be established, which is intended to reward an environmentally friendly handling of pesticides by the winegrowers. Further, the eco-label can be used by the winegrowers for advertising purposes.